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Re: [greenyes] Recycling containers?

"> I'm developing a ZW inspired maximum diversion strategy for our
public school
> system and need hard cost recycling containers. Can anyone suggest a
link or
> two to preferred recycling container sales providers that do business
in the
> South east and make their containers out of recycled materials."

Try SCL/A-1 Plastics in Brompton Ontario. We've purchased 3,000 18
gallon plastic recycling bins from them for use in the school classrooms
here in Forsyth County, NC. THe bins are 50% post-consumer plastic and
cost us US $4.27 each including graphics. Contact info:

Cinty Viteri
SCL/A-1 Plastics
241 Clarence ST.
Brampton, Ontario CA L6W 4P2
Phone (800) 777-0979
Fax (905) 451-9977
email sclp@no.address


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