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[greenyes] Why a switch from EPS to PP packaging blocks

Hi Rod:

Its been a couple of years since I worked in this area but my guess is
some manufacturers switched for 1) cost reasons; 2) possible regulations
from the manufacturing country of origin requiring the use (or non use)
of EPS; 3) some other technical reason due to shipping of a particular
type of electronic product. My samples would be at least 5 years old so
not sure how prevelent the use is today.

My samples of PP (polypropylene) block come in two colors, black and
white. It has a shiny surface with a more smooth (oiled) finish than
EPS. And without pulling my samples down from storage, I think the beads
are significantly larger than EPS beads.

Again, for the best answer, contact Institute of Packaging Professionals
in Reston, VA (old address). Or if you have a chance, make friends with
a packaging engineer from any local electronic manufacturers. Most of my
education came from a group of Silicon Valley packaging engineers lead by
Paul Russel of Hewlett Packard. They wrote a Guide to Environmentally
Preferable Packaging that was very cutting edge. So much so, that IoPP
pulled the publishing of it as corporations around the country weren't
ready to accept the level of recycled content that our local group said
was technically and commerically doable.

Ask IoPP or the plastic industry to get the amount of different types of
plastic in use. This information should be published annually. Perhaps,
Resource Recycling's Plastic Newsletter can point you in the right
direction to get the latest on production, use and recovery of different

Ann Schneider
Mtn. View, CA

oh and sorry about the DuPont Dow thing, both are across the Bay from me
and I get them confused without my lecture notes in front of me.

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From: "Rod" <rodmuir@no.address>
Subject: Fw: [greenyes] Its polystyrene not styrofoam

Thanks for the clarification
4 real quick questions please
Why the switch from styrene to propylene?
Is this recent?
What is current ratio of use.
Is there a quick way to tell the difference?
Rod Muir
Waste Diversion Canada

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