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[greenyes] Involving Beverage Vendors

Hello GreenYes'ers,

Does anyone have experience with, or knowledge of, school recycling programs (elementary through high school) that have successfully recruited the active participation of beverage vendors like Pepsi and Coke (or their local bottlers and distributors)?

The Green Schools Program sponsored by the King County (WA) Solid Waste Division is working with schools to increase bottle and can recycling. We are hoping to actively engage the beverage contract holders that provide vending machines and drinks to the schools. The vendors currently pay a commission to the schools for each beverage sold. However, they do not currently support or participate in a recycling collection programs for the bottles and cans.

We are considering a variety of options that could be written in to future beverage contracts issued by School Districts. These options range from asking vendors to provide large, bottle-shaped recycling containers to be placed next to every beverage machine, to requiring that the vendors actually participate in the collection of the containers.

If you know of any examples of beverage vendors assisting with school recycling programs for their containers, I would appreciate your providing me with background and contact information.

Thanks in advance. And I will be more than pleased to share our findings with anyone who wishes to see what we turn up.


David Stitzhal
Project Manager, Green Schools Program

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