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[greenyes] Re: Recycling of razor blades

As long as the razors from your lab aren't a biohazard, any danger presented
by a stray blade pales in comparison to the normal scrapyard environment
(speaking as a former steel torcher). If your blades are loaded into a steel (tin)
food can @ 1/2 full, which can then be squeezed shut and crimped over,
they'll be safely contained until they meet either the furnace or a shredder, where
everything is transformed into sharp shards. This technique is often upscaled
to 55 gallon drums full of textile needles, razor-sharp turnings, sawblades,
and the like.
It'd be best to deposit such a can directly into a steel recycling bin, not
your curbside recycling bin, but then again- tell that to the diabetics who
regularly send plastic bottles full of needles to their local MRF.

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