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Re: [greenyes] Re: Changing World Technologies / thermal depolymerization

Jay, Alan, Peter, Nancy and the rest,

Thanks for the discussion.
While reviewing the information provided on the promotional websites for the
CWT, LETH technologies I noticed how similar these projects are to the
brightstar and themoselect projects recently offered to my community and others for
MSW processing. They even look a lot like "the new state of the art"
incinerator the burn industry tried to sell here in the mid eighties. All make flashy
presentations and claim complete MSW rendering into useful marketable products.
When the details of the technologies are finally revealed the toxic materials
in the waste stream are either vented into the air and/or concentrated in a
slag, sludge, ash. They usually cost a lot of money, depend on materials that
could otherwise be recycled or designed out of the waste stream and create
poisonous pollutants.
An industry of consultants has developed around the proposal of these
machines. Even when the machines are rejected reasonable " Zero Waste type"
programs that accomplish what the machines offered to do are rarely implemented. I
suspect, in some situations, studying these machines is a means to an end all by
itself. These machines have been considered twice in the past seventeen years
in my town. The first time it cost us one million dollars and most recently a
million and a half.
Buyer beware!!!!! Don't trust them! People promoting these projects are
usually either limited in their knowledge and experience or usually stand to
benefit personally from their sale.

Bob Krasowski
The Zero Waste Collier County Group
Naples, Florida

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