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[greenyes] recycling @ cinema


Here are a couple of ideas for you:

Think of ways to make it worth the movie theater's while. If they value a
good relationship with the community, then it might be an opportunity for
good public relations.

What materials are you thinking about collecting from the theater? Start
with easy ones that generate income to be donated. If it is soda cans and
bottles, maybe they can be saved and the deposits collected for a community
group. A movie theater would be an ideal place to collect used cell phones,
pagers and handheld devices which also generate an income for a nonprofit.
All these activities can be covered in local press to the benefit of the

Get volunteers to help - ideally the group that is getting the funds, so the
program is as light a burden on existing work details as possible.

Study the set up and offer suggestions on how recycling could be possible in
the theater. Ask them to try it for a month

If the materials can't be parlayed into funds, your task is harder. And if
the theater doesn't care about community relations, even harder still. Do
some research and see how much of the targetted material is coming out of
the theaters and write an op ed exposing the waste if you want to apply
pressure, but I find that finding something that they want to do is the only
sustainable way.

There are several good cell phone donation programs available at this time -
just google cell phone recycling and you'll be on your way.

Good luck,

Eve Martinez

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I am an employee at Cinemark, a large theater chain. I am wondering how =

I might get a recycling program started there. I approached the =

managers and they gave me the usual run-around. What do you suggest I =

do? any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks.

Bryan Thompson


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