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RE: [greenyes] ceramics recycling
...and if you really want to see creative reuse of ceramics, visit the
Watts Towers in South Los Angeles (see photo). They were created by an
Italian immigrant, Simon Rodia, who worked on them throughout his life.
They are now under protection and tour guides are available on the site.

Check out photos at

Heidi Feldman
Public Education Coordinator
Monterey Regional Waste Management District
Tel.: 831/384-5313     FAX: 831/384-3567

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Subject: RE: [greenyes] ceramics recycling

Crushed glazed ceramic not suitable for grog - only fired unglazed
is used.
Ceramics can be re-used in Mosaic mural projects and \i've seen some
big Civic projects here in the UK - obviously there is a limit to this
I also have bought some very interesting recycled ceramic sculptures
ceramic bits and pieces - a tea pot spout is turned into a cats tail in
- again limited use - otherwise as it is inert - presumably hardcore or
crushed up and nmixed into concrete blocks etc?

Nicky Scott
Community Composting Network UK

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> > Are ceramics like dishes recyclable?
> > 
> You might tell your resident that ceramic dishes have the potential to
> recycled.   Manufacturers that make ceramics often crush their defects
> recycled them back into the kilns or sell them as "grog."   But the
> economics of 
> scale do not make it possible to collect and process ceramics from
> residents.
> Bob Kirby

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