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RE: [greenyes] ceramics recycling
Crushed glazed ceramic not suitable for grog - only fired unglazed ceramic
is used.
Ceramics can be re-used in Mosaic mural projects and \i've seen some pretty
big Civic projects here in the UK - obviously there is a limit to this use!
I also have bought some very interesting recycled ceramic sculptures from
ceramic bits and pieces - a tea pot spout is turned into a cats tail in one
- again limited use - otherwise as it is inert - presumably hardcore or
crushed up and nmixed into concrete blocks etc?

Nicky Scott
Community Composting Network UK

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> Sent:	28 January 2004 16:15
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> Subject:	Re: [greenyes] ceramics recycling
> > Are ceramics like dishes recyclable?
> > 
> You might tell your resident that ceramic dishes have the potential to be 
> recycled.   Manufacturers that make ceramics often crush their defects and
> recycled them back into the kilns or sell them as "grog."   But the
> economics of 
> scale do not make it possible to collect and process ceramics from
> residents.
> Bob Kirby

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