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RE: [greenyes] Recycling bins at post offices
Our company does cost savings analyses for corporations all over the US.
I feel that it is unfortunate a government agency like the post office
hasn't done this. I suppose they run like franchises when it comes to

We incorporate rebates for cardboard and paper, conduct a right-sizing
survey and then add in competitive bidding from at least three waste
haulers.  What we find is a cost savings of 20-40%.  If a corporation
has 400 locations, that could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in

Green makes green.  What's the malfunction??  

Oh well... my rant for the day.

John W. Ralston, Sales Mgr.
SLM Waste & Recycling Services Inc. 
smart waste solutions
888-847-4449 ext 219

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From: Megan Stein [mailto:megan_ngs@no.address] 
Sent: Monday, January 19, 2004 11:35 AM
To: keith mcdonald; greenyes@no.address
Subject: Re: [greenyes] Recycling bins at post offices

Our local post offices have recently requested information on smaller
garbage container rates and recycling options in order to prepare a
cost-benefit analysis.  The employee I spoke with estimated that 90
percent of their trash was recyclable paper (given the inclusion of junk
mail in our recycling program).  The post offices had previously avoided
recycling because it was their impression that sorting would be too much
of a hassle for employees that were already strapped for time.    

I don't know if they will be taking advantage of the recycling
opportunities available to them, and if so, whether or not they will
make recycling available to their patrons.

Megan Stein
Recycling Coordinator 
Newberg Garbage & Recycling Service
PO Box 1000, Newberg, OR 97132
(503) 538-1388 
(503) 538-1383 (fax)
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  From: keith mcdonald 
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  Sent: Friday, January 16, 2004 3:14 PM
  Subject: [greenyes] Recycling bins at post offices

  I heard that they are thinking of putting recycling bins at all post
  for junk mail and other discarded mail  has any post office started
  this your thoughs on this idea I get lots of unwanted mail a year and
  it is a wonderfull thing . Thanks Keith McDonald

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