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Re: [greenyes] Fwd: Landfill gas estimates?
try contacting companies that design methane collection systems for 

micro turbine and methane collection system at a local Tampa landfill.
In the North Wake County Landfill, a company collects the landfill gas, 
extracts the methane, and sells it to a nearby chemical company to power 
its boilers. The extraction system is a split system, meaning that methane 
gas can go to the boilers and/or the methane flares that burn the gas. The 
reason for the split system is that the landfill will increase its gas 
production over time (from 300 cubic feet per minute to 1,250 cubic feet 
per minute) and exceed the capacity of the boilers at the chemical 
company. Therefore, the excess gas will have to be burned. It is not 
cost-effective to compress the excess gas to liquid and sell it. 

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