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Re: [greenyes] Maybe a good Idea
It was a wery developed system of such recycling in former USSR: for 20 kg
of paper or textile you could receive a RIGHT to buy an interesting book, or
20 rolls of toilet paper, ets. (it was wery difficult to buy that products
in SU). so, not only "homless" but all "soviet people" were inwolved in

Except that, there were competition among "Young pioneers- leninists" (it;s
something like soviet scouts) in collecting of paper and metall. Being
pioneer, i collected about 4-5 kg of paper every month.

Now recycling supports, most of all, by homless people, on the basis of
payment by recyclables. It possible to earn some real money, collecting
recyclables. So all waste bins are divided among homless people. According
to my estimation, the rate of "homless reycling" is about 15-20% of all
amount of waste!

You see, the problems starts, when homless becomes "rich": for example, in
moscow , where they are more rich they does not collect paper so carefully
then in Petersburg.


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> I heard of a third world country the mayor or president pays in food
> the homeless to pick up the trash on the streets and the take it to a
> recycling center it has cleaned up the city and helps the poor has anyone
> seen this article  we here in the US could learn a lot from them. Keith
> McDonald
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