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Re: [greenyes] Maybe a good Idea
Hi Eric. Happy New Year. Long time, no hear.

Curitiba (1.6 million), the capital of the state of Paraná, really started this back in 1989. In certain "low collection infrastructure districts" (principally low-rent areas) residents that brought bags of 8-10 kg of trash got a bus ticket. In 1991 the city changed it to bags of fruits & vegetables in season -- bananas, grapes, etc -- for 1-4 bags of trash turned in, and for 5 and up turned in, sacks of rice, black beans, potatoes, onions, or even honey or sweets. Curitiba still operates this "buy back trash" program in 41 of its barrios.

I'm trying to remember which specific cities other than Curitiba currently run such a program. Might have to get back to you on that once I perused my files. I know I have seen it mentioned in several city programs. If memory serves, Porto Alegre, Recife and maybe Fortaleza had such a program, but I'll have to confirm.

There's also an interesting program underway by the Brazilian supermarket chain, Pão de Açúcar, you might be interested in. They have placed Tonra reverse vending mechines on the premises of their hypermarkets which award points for every beverage bottle or can returned. So many points on the machine's coupon generator can get the bearer free food, such as a bag of high quality rice or black beans (staples of the Brazilian diet). People getting the coupons also have the option of donating them (a collection bowl is placed next to machines), with the food obtained with them being donated to local food banks participating in the government "Fome Zero" ("Zero Hunger") program.

Also, last month in São Paulo Alcan, in cooperation with SP's Metro, sponsored a program where Metro riders bringing in empty aluminum beverage cans for recycling and who asnswered a survey about recycling received theater pickets or a CD.

Hope this helps.


Eric Lombardi wrote:

Hi Keith,

When you say "many Brazilian municipalities" could you tell me who they are?
This topic interests me greatly.



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Many Brazilian municipalities now offer bags or food or mass transit
tokens or fare cards in return for a bag of collected recyclables.
Supposedly it has done wonders for cleaning up beaches, streets. Get the
poor involved in cleaning things up, while trading them something quite
useful to them for the collected recyclables.

While this may help solve the litter problem, it does not necessarily do
much regarding waste if the collected material simply goes into
overflowing trash bins or to the town dump.

keith mcdonald wrote:

I heard of a third world country the mayor or president pays in food
coupons the homeless to pick up the trash on the streets and the take
it to a recycling center it has cleaned up the city and helps the poor
has anyone seen this article we here in the US could learn a lot from
them. Keith McDonald

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