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RE: [greenyes] Collection and recycling of batteries?
We aren't seeing that kind of volume at the moment, but I am happy enough with the costs we incur to get our batteries recycled, and to know that they are recycled.  We use INMETCO for our battery recycling, they do not require that batteries be separated by size, just chemistry.  They have a few different pricing options, we use the pre-paid box.  It's basically $20 a box, that covers shipping and recycling.  We get about 27-30 pounds in a box.  The more boxes you buy, the better the price.  I believe they do drums as well, though that won't be able to go through UPS.

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Our friends at the Delaware Solid Waste Authority collect batteries (mostly 
alkalinos) at drop-off "recycling" centers.  The volume, they claim, is 
about 3000 pounds (1400 kg) per month.  Then they put them in plastic drums 
and landfill them.  They claim that recycling is "cost prohibitive" at 0.2 
to 1.20 US$ per pound, and that recyclers also want the batteries sorted by 
size before pickup.

Can anyone advise on the details and costs of battery recycling?  Are other 
operations landfilling their "recycled" batteries?


Alan Muller
Green Delaware

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