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Re: [greenyes] Collection and recycling of batteries?
I have been collecting batteries within my Bureau for the past year and a 
half or so, and have recycled them through Battery Solutions (  While Battery Solutions has a simple method to recycle batteries, it's 
not cheap.  It cost me over $60 to recycle 30 pounds of batteries.  The 
price breakdown was $0.85/pound for ni-cad and alkaline (zero mercury 
added), and $4.50/pound for mercury button cells.  A few City employees 
outside my Bureau heard I was recycling batteries and have sent me their 
batteries for recycling.  While I'd love to recycle all City-generated 
waste batteries, it would become price-prohibitive real quick.

Since I recommend that City residents take their batteries to LA County 
HHW collections, I'm curious what LA County does with the batteries they 
collect.  Anybody in GreenYes-land know?

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

Alan Muller <amuller@no.address>
01/13/2004 04:28 AM

        To:     greenyes@no.address
        Subject:        [greenyes] Collection and recycling of batteries?

Our friends at the Delaware Solid Waste Authority collect batteries 
alkalinos) at drop-off "recycling" centers.  The volume, they claim, is 
about 3000 pounds (1400 kg) per month.  Then they put them in plastic 
and landfill them.  They claim that recycling is "cost prohibitive" at 0.2 

to 1.20 US$ per pound, and that recyclers also want the batteries sorted 
size before pickup.

Can anyone advise on the details and costs of battery recycling?  Are 
operations landfilling their "recycled" batteries?


Alan Muller
Green Delaware

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