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RE: [greenyes] Clean Fuel Garbage Trucks
Aloha Resa,

Maui Recycling Service (, a private company,
has been using B100 biodiesel since October 2000 in our two large International
curbsorters and we added a 2001 Ford F-450 flatbed in 2002 that also runs
on B100.  Our fuel is provided by Pacific Biodiesel and we have never received
government or any other subsidies to use the fuel, even though we initially
payed about 60 cents more per gallon (compared to wholesale diesel), and
are currently paying 10 - 20 cents more per gallon.  It's great to have
a sustainable optionl.

The mileage on B100 for these three vehicles is:

1994 Kann Manufacturing International Curbsorter - just over 60,000
1996 Kann Man. International Curbsorter - 25,000
2001 Ford F-450 Flatbed - over 30,000

Shaun Stenshol

>-- Original Message --
>From: Dimeanor@no.address
>Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 13:00:46 EST
>To: greenyes@no.address
>Subject: [greenyes] Clean Fuel Garbage Trucks
>Hi All -
>I am looking for examples of cities or companies that have transitioned
>the use of clean fuels - ultra low sulfur diesel, CNG, BioDiesel, etc -
>their garbage or recycling fleets. I know of San Francisco's CNG efforts
>Berkeley's use of BioDiesel, but other examples would be helpful.  Thanks
>Resa Dimino

Maui Recycling Service
(808) 244-0443
"If not now, when?"

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