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[greenyes] Re: greenyes Digest 5 Jan 2004 18:51:43 -0000 Issue 64
Insulation made with recycled content
           350 by: RicAnthony@no.address

Have you checked out this product?

UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation made from post-industrial
denim and cotton fibers. Product literature reports that the fibers are
'100% recyclable. It contains no chemical irritants, no formaldehyde and
has no VOC out gassing concerns.'  We have used it in several jobs where
the occupants expressed their concerns about chemical sensitivity.  Easy

to handle (no itch or irritation, good thermal performance (r-13 and
R-19 batts).  More expensive than standard fiberglass. More information
available from their web site at:

Brett Ivers
Recycling Educator, REU
IL Dept. of Commerce & Economic Opportunity
620 East Adams Street
Springfield, IL  62701

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