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RE: [greenyes] Question on application for a Dell recycling grant
This "DMA" could become the unit for administering EPR programs, in place of the local government units which are traditionally used for administering publicly funded/delivered waste programs.

It is important as we make the shift from traditional public waste programs to EPR programs to encourage industry to think in terms of its own familiar frameworks when planning for "reverse distribution" of their products.

It is useful for those of us who come from a local government perspective to get to understand the framework that industry uses to manage logistics. Dell has done us a service here.


At 02:17 PM 12/15/2003 -0600, Bryant_Hilton@no.address wrote:
Here is the information for the application:

"DMA" stands for "designated market area" or "demographic market area". This
geographic designation is used by A.C. Nielsen, a global marketing
information company, to specify which counties comprise a specific
television market. The term is also used to describe groups of cities and
counties that share infrastructure, media, and services. Contact your local
chamber of commerce or county communications office to determine the
estimated population of your DMA.

More information is available at or at


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Subject: [greenyes] Question on application for a Dell recycling grant

A community in Wisconsin is asking for some help in understanding what the term "DMA" means in the application for a grant from Dell to recycle computers.

The application asks for three lines of information on population:

        Population of event city
        Population of event county
        Population of event DMA

Any information would be most welcome.

John Reindl
Dane County, WI



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