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[greenyes] high-rise recycling
Hi Veronica,

I have had experience with setting up recycling programs in high-rise buildings.  Assuming that the paper recycling stream needs to be "clean", each employee should have a desk-side recycling and trash bin.  Cans and bottles bin can be in centralized places.  There should also be a paper recycling bin near all copier machines. (If the recycling stream doesn't have to be so clean, then some buildings opt for one bin near each employee, but no food, drink or facial tissue in that bin.  Food, drink and facial tissue is brought to a centralized trash bin).

Collection by custodial staff depends upon their daily routine.  A good thing about a desk side recycling bin is that it shouldn't need to be lined with a plastic bag b/c it is filled with clean material.  I have found that it is enough for custodians to empty individual recycling bins one time per week.  If custodians do not perform this task, then employees can be asked to empty their own desk-side recycling bins into a central bin.  From the central bin, a custodian will take recyclables to a loading dock.

Ultimately, I always try to find ways to make the procedure labor-efficient and convenient for everyone - custodians and office employees.

Hope this was helpful.  Write to me directly if you have any other questions.
Corri Beth Gottesman
3R Consultant
Recycle Reduce Reuse
tel: 215-753-6553 fax 215-753-6533

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