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[greenyes] Keep America Beautiful? or is it dutyful? or is it duddy full?
A belated thanks to Pat Franklin for her 12/5/03 greenyes message. Pat 
provided us all with the link to the true story about Keep America Beautiful. 
It's a must read for all not already familiar with the details about this 
organization. A welcomed refresher to those of us who have already heard the 
story but have not seen it written up so extensively. Hopefully this information 
will get to the man who was looking for lesson to use in the education of the 
Fundy children. I wouldn't want anyone teaching my kids pro incineration pro 
landfill propaganda. The adults of tomorrow should be prepared to design "waste" 
out of existence.  
  My personal experience with KAB started when the local clone went from 
annual litter control events to a full blown advocacy for business recycling. On 
the surface this may seem to be a good thing. But it appears to me, in reality 
the local KAB clone, it's largest private funding source being Waste 
Management Inc. (WMI.), has been placed in this position to eclipse the efforts of our 
local Zero Waste advocacy group. When one reads the material provided by Pat 
Franklin it's becomes obvious how and why this is done. The local ZW group 
wants comprehensive commercial recycling that allows competitive business 
opportunities for recyclers other than WMI as well. WMI has the franchise contract for 
residential waste and recycling collection. They also have the garbage 
collection franchise contract for businesses in our County. They don't have the 
exclusive franchise contract for commercial recycling and it appears to me they 
are using KAB and WMI influence with the local Chamber of Commerce, County 
politicians and The County's solid waste Consultant to hold off requiring recycling 
in a free market situation until they can capture it all when their new 
contract (hopefully put out to bid) starts in 2006. So again, thanks to Pat for her 
persistent effort to educate.
Bob Krasowski
The Zero Waste Collier County Group
Naples, Collier County, Florida    

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