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RE: [greenyes] burial methods
In England - possibly the whole UK it is still (apparently) the law that you
have to buried in wool (when you die!) I don't think that the law was ever
repealed.  It was put in to protect the wool industry.  At the moment here
farmers are burning fleeces - it costs more to shear the sheep than what
they can sell them for (except for some breeds)

  My wife is a felt maker and has been making woollen shrouds.  She has
recently won a grant to develop this side of her business.  I don't know
about the need for freeze-drying surely it is enough for the usual cold
storage prior to burial?  The body - wrapped in a shroud is carried on a
wooden bier and buried & is surely the most environmentally friendly end
(or is it beginning ?)  I can think of  The opposite of polluting anyway - &
plant a tree on top to negate that burnt body in the crematorium!

A happy end!

Nicky Scott 
(Chair - Community Composting Network, UK)

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> Sent:	09 December 2003 17:58
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> Subject:	[greenyes] burial methods
> At the risk of sounding morbid, insensitive and stirring up all sorts of
> religious issues, I thought I'd share the following:
> Swedish scientists are working on a process whereby a deceased person is
> freeze-dried, placed in a biodegradable cornstarch coffin and composted.
> for more info, scroll down to the question on human composting
> Short of organ donation and medical research, I always thought cremation
> was
> the only sane way to process dead people (standard burial methods being
> tremendously nonbiodegradable), but this may have it beat in that it just
> might take less energy.  Hopefully, both cremation and freeze-drying
> processes do make sure that all metal plates, artificial joints and other
> bionic parts are removed first.
> Anyone know of any other green solutions to the "ultimate disposal
> problem"?
> Any communities doing anything to promote things like this?
> Yours in leaving no trace,
> NMeyer
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