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[greenyes] burial methods
At the risk of sounding morbid, insensitive and stirring up all sorts of
religious issues, I thought I'd share the following:

Swedish scientists are working on a process whereby a deceased person is
freeze-dried, placed in a biodegradable cornstarch coffin and composted.

for more info, scroll down to the question on human composting

Short of organ donation and medical research, I always thought cremation was
the only sane way to process dead people (standard burial methods being
tremendously nonbiodegradable), but this may have it beat in that it just
might take less energy.  Hopefully, both cremation and freeze-drying
processes do make sure that all metal plates, artificial joints and other
bionic parts are removed first.

Anyone know of any other green solutions to the "ultimate disposal problem"?
Any communities doing anything to promote things like this?

Yours in leaving no trace,


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