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[greenyes] What an Eyeopener! [greenyes] Keep America Beautiful
Once again tytyvm Pat for this eyeopening information ~
I personally have been involved in KAB "Trash Bashes" and find it extremely discouraging to spend so much time and effort picking up litter and recyclables only to have more and more replace what I already picked up.  So many Americans and tourists in general are SLOBS who think nothing about tossing their garbage and litter on America's roads and beautiful landscapes...
I am praying for Senator Jefford's Bottle Bill to pass....any more news on its status ??

Pat Franklin <pfranklin@no.address> wrote:

CRI would like to respond to an email sent earlier in the week on this
listserve about Keep America Beautiful (KAB). We invite you to view the
following link on CRI's Bottle Bill Resource Guide to see another side of
Keep America Beautiful. The first article is a commentary, the second is a
history of KAB. As noted in our commentary, "CRI respects the efforts of
well-intentioned groups and hard-working individuals across the country that
enlist in programs sponsored by Keep America Beautiful and its many
reinventions of itself. We believe that many, if not most of them, are
unaware that they have aligned themselves with a trade group rather than an
environmental organization."

The link can be found at:


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