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[greenyes] Re: Holiday Trash?
Data for the City of Seattle:
Above is the web address for our garbage report.  We have a yard waste
ban that is pretty effective so yard waste is essentially out of the
waste stream. Our data show no big increase in waste in Dec or January. 
 For the residential sector, the average month represents 8.3% of the
total waste disposed for the year and that is exactly equal to 
December's average.  This was calculated using monthly data from 1989 to
2002.  Since we have a curbside program that includes mixed paper, it is
also instructive to look there.
When you look at the curbside tons, the monthly average tons for Feb -
November 2002 is 4,864 tons.  Dec and Jan tons were about 10% higher. 
We do see more "stuff" in our curbside program in Dec and Jan.
All our reports can be found at:
Jenny B

>>> "Megan Kershner" <Mkershner@no.address> 12/05/03 09:27AM >>>
We compared Madison waste generation rates to ours in Boise, Idaho
(pop. approx 200,000) and came up with very similar results.  There
seems to be a steady decline in waste volumes from October until
February, our lowest volume month.  If we see any increase in waste
generation over the holidays, it doesn't go to the landfill until
January.  Overall, Jan. waste generation is a drop in the bucket
compared to our other spikes in May, August and October - likely to be
yard wastes (no composing facility) or "movers" (unlimited curbside

- Megan
Boise, Idaho


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