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[greenyes] Now what will be the excuse for ignoring it?
From a local listserv...

>>> jmgear@no.address 12/01/03 10:50PM >>>
Gee, when even the global warming skeptics are noticing that it's getting 
warmer, the mystery is what excuse W will use next for continuing his 
patented "Burn more oil and coal" policies

>CURTIS A. MOORE, WORLD WILDLIFE FEDERATION - A mountain of new science is
>convincing skeptics that global climate change is here. Robert G. Quayle, a
>self-professed skeptic, is currently undergoing a change of heart. As chief
>of the Global Climate Laboratory of the U.S. National Oceanic and
>Atmospheric Administration, he is charged with keeping tabs on trends in the
>world's weather. That job, and his 31 years of experience as a
>climatologist, inevitably thrust Quayle into the center of a scientific
>debate potentially so important that the future of life as we know it is at
>risk. The question facing Quayle and legions of other scientists: Is the
>planet indeed heating up because of human activity, as many theorists have
>long predicted?
>In 1991, Quayle was so skeptical that he and two colleagues labeled
>themselves global-warming agnostics. It would take at least another 40
>years, they argued, to validate what is known as the Greenhouse Effect
>Theory - that gases produced by burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil
>would trap heat in the atmosphere, warming up the Earth. Now, at least in
>Quayle's mind, things have begun to change. "We're not particularly agnostic
>anymore," he says. "There is such a convergence of data it gets to be a
>little spooky."

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