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RE: [greenyes] renewable energy job opening...
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> From: michelle smith [mailto:pcrecycles@no.address]
> Sent: Monday, December 01, 2003 6:40 AM
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> Subject: [greenyes] renewable energy job opening...
> please spread word about this new job opening....
> thanks, michelle
> People's Power and Light
> Renewable Energy Program
> Outreach and Marketing Coordinator
> People's Power & Light is a non-profit energy consumers' alliance serving Rhode 
> Island. PP&L mission is to reduce the environmental and economic impacts of 
> energy by promoting greater use of renewable energy and energy efficiency 
> through education, advocacy, and cooperative purchasing by energy consumers. 
> People's Power & Light seeks a half-time to full-time outreach and marketing 
> coordinator for its "green" energy programs. Central to this position is 
> implementing a marketing program to promote the use of PP&L's green 
> electrically products, which are being offered in partnership with the 
> Massachusetts Energy Consumers Alliance. This position is an exciting 
> opportunity for an entrepreneurial, energetic person to make a mark in a 
> dynamic new industry which presents significant marketing profession 
> challenges, and also has the potential to create important public benefits.
> Description
> The Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that PP&L meets sales and 
> marketing goals over the next three years, as set forth in its business plan. 
> The Coordinator will work with other staff, the Board and Advisory Committees, 
> and consultants to continually improve PP&L's marketing plan. The Coordinator 
> will be responsible for successfully implementing the marketing plan by 
> directing his/her own activities, volunteers, and occasional contractors. It is 
> not anticipated that the Coordinator will have reporting staff, and as such 
> this will be a very "hands-on" position. In many ways, the Coordinator will 
> become the public face of PP&L.
> Examples of specific tasks that the Coordinator will be responsible for include:
> o Coordinating with volunteers, other staff, and vendors to design, produce and 
> use effectively marketing tools such as websites, brochures, press releases, 
> direct mail and other letters, etc.
> o Organize and staff workshops, field trips, tables at events, press events, 
> and presentations to other groups.
> o Nurture relationships with existing marketing partners, and establish new 
> marketing relationships.
> o Through out, communicate the importance of greater use of renewable energy, 
> and why PP&L's product offerings are the best way for consumers to advance 
> greater use of renewable energy through private action, and ways to support 
> public action for greater use of renewable energy.
> o Collecting and analyzing data necessary to determine the effectiveness of the 
> marketing plan and specific campaigns, and developing recommendations based on 
> this analysis.
> o Leading the development or refinement of marketing plans, by obtaining 
> necessary information and working with volunteers, consultants, contractors, and staff.
> Regular travel around Rhode Island, and less frequently in the Boston area, 
> will be required.
> As a small, nonprofit organization, all staff are expected to assist with 
> general administration of the organization (eg answering the phone, occasional 
> administrative tasks, etc.).
> Qualifications
> The successful applicant will have 3-5 years experience in marketing, and 
> perhaps some sales experience as well. The successful applicant will likely 
> have training in marketing, either through higher education or in-house 
> training programs with other companies. Applicants should be familiar with the 
> organizations, businesses, demographics, and geography of Rhode Island. 
> Although knowledge of energy issues and technologies is desirable, training can 
> be provided to otherwise qualified candidates.
> Applicants should be goal oriented and personally committed to and believe in 
> the mission of PP&L. The position will require the ability to prioritize, and 
> strong organizational skills.
> The position requires someone who is a strong self-starter, shows initiative, 
> and is effective with minimal direction. The position also requires the ability 
> to work effectively with a range of other players, including volunteers, junior 
> and senior staff both from within the organization and with other 
> organizations, consultants, and vendors. The Coordinator will be ultimately 
> responsible to PP&L's Executive Director, but will also report to and be 
> directed by the Mass Energy/PP&L Joint Venture Manager and Mass Energy's Green 
> Energy Program Coordinator.
> The Coordinator should have excellent communication skills: in writing, 
> one-on-one, before the press, and before large audiences. The Coordinator will 
> have to be very effective using computer technology in order to perform the job 
> efficiently. 
> Compensation
> Compensation and benefits will be commensurate with experience, and may include 
> a bonus component. This may be a full-time or part-time position, dependent on 
> candidates availability and final determination of need at the time of 
> selection. The full-time equivalent base salary is expected to be between 
> $35,000 and $40,000. Opportunities for advancement within the organization 
> definitely exist, but are dependent on the success of this program, and new 
> programs that PP&L is considering, including a heating oil/Biodiesel buyers' 
> group. This is a new position. 
> Hiring Process
> PP&L will consider applications on an ongoing basis until the position is 
> filled, will begin reviewing applications on December 1, 2003, and will not 
> consider applications received after December 31, 2003. Email inquiries 
> regarding this opening are welcome at info@no.address Applications should 
> include a resume and a cover letter describing qualifications for and interest 
> in the position, and availability. Applications will be received via postal 
> mail only at PP&L, ATTN: Marketing Position, 11 South Angell St #195, 
> Providence RI 02906. Emailed resumes will not be considered.
> Michelle Smith
> Recycling Coordinator
> Office of Environmental Health and Safety
> Providence College
> Providence, RI  02918
> (401) 865-1881
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