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[greenyes] Kyoto Treaty
See last paragraph.  (Note: Russia's signature is needed to put Kyoto in

The Independent - 10/14/03

US firms 'tried to lie' over GM crops, says EU
By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor

American biotech companies tried to lie to Europe in an attempt to force
genetically modified crops upon them, Margot Wallström, the European
environment commissioner, said yesterday.

Far from developing GM crops to solve the problem of starvation in the
world, as they claimed, the biotech companies did so to "solve starvation
amongst their shareholders", said the European Union's leading green

Speaking to journalists in London, the 49-year-old Swede followed her
broadside over GM with an attack on the US over the so-called ghost fleet of
rusting and polluted American ships being sent to Britain for dismantling,
saying they should be kept in America.

She further suggested that the US government had been putting pressure on
Russia not to ratify the Kyoto protocol.
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