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[greenyes] Seminar leaders present zero waste plan
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Story ran : 10/05/2003 
Seminar leaders present zero waste plan 
By LaToya Mack Staff Writer After turning down the landfill, Greene County 
has to find something to do with its trash. A zero waste plan presented by Neil 
Seldman, president of the Institute for Local Reliance, and Rick Anthony, of 
Richard Anthony Associates, could be the solution the county is looking for. 
Officials and environmental activists from across Eastern North Carolina and the 
state came to the Clean Communities: Creating Local Strategies for Solid 
Waste Reduction seminar, hoping to find environmentally sound ways to cut down on 
waste in their counties. While they know they cannot reach 100-percent waste 
reduction, Anthony and Seldman presented ways solid waste can be reduced by 
finding ways to reuse it. Anthony suggested building a waste reduction plant, 
where solid waste can be sold to a company that could use the waste to make 
something else. Reusing the waste would keep it from piling up in a landfill and 
create economic development by bringing in companies that could use the waste. 
Frank Warrren, who opposed the landfill in Greene County, said he believes the 
zero waste plan is feasible. It's quite possible, Warren said. The government 
officials would be amazed and astonished at some of the things that could be 
done. County commissioner James Shackleford said the zero waste plan could be a 
way to solve the trash problem. The landfills we had, we had to close, so we 
definitely need somewhere for our garbage, Shackleford said. We're not going 
to get the landfill now, but we still need somewhere for trash. This is a way 
to solve the problem, and it will help economic development because it will 
help bring jobs. Seldman said the goal of the seminar was to provide information 
about what can be done and channel energy to prevent the build-up of solid 
waste. LaToya Mack can be reached at (252) 527-3191, Ext. 273, or 
San Diego CA 92109

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