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[greenyes] Let's go back to the tap
Perhaps your mother would be even "righter" if she drank local tap water
from a glass or mug rather than buying water trucked 1,350 miles from
Arkansas to Connecticut in heavy glass bottles...burning god-knows-how-much
fossil fuel on the way, never mind the plastic itself.

By coincidence, I was at a conference recently in Connecticut where the
lodge management provided the guests with water bottled in Fiji.  None of us
could believe it--but it was true, there on the back of the bottle was a map
of the South Pacific islands and it said "Bottled in Fiji."

The whole idea of drinking water shlepped in from ANYWHERE else is alarming
to me from a public health perspective as well as an environmental
perspective.  If our local water supply is deficient in some way, we need to
clean it up, not simply switch to water imported from elsewhere.


On 7/31/03 8:06 AM, Bette Danse at bettdanse@no.address wrote:

> Plastic bottles are "consumer preferred," a Pepsi rep.
> told me recently....whether it's soda or water.
> They are less tippable in a car than aluminum cans and
> have a better taste than aluminum.
> Reusing the bottles may have been a practice started
> in gyms and health clubs, ironically.
> I know for one I am recycling my plastic bottles after
> each use and going with a glass bottle and will clean
> that out every day...duh, do I feel stupid...don't we
> all?  Of course, bacteria would hang out even in a
> water bottle, but we just haven't thought of it as a
> big deal, that's's only water after
> much bacteria could be in it...didn't even think of
> the chemicals leeching out of the plastic.
> Now I know why my mother in CT has been buying water
> in glass bottles from Mountain Valley in Arkansas all
> this time.
> Why are mothers always least mine is!   LOL
> Bette
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