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Re: [greenyes] reusable water bottles are UNHEALTHY
Plastic bottles are "consumer preferred," a Pepsi rep.
told me recently....whether it's soda or water.
They are less tippable in a car than aluminum cans and
have a better taste than aluminum.

Reusing the bottles may have been a practice started
in gyms and health clubs, ironically.

I know for one I am recycling my plastic bottles after
each use and going with a glass bottle and will clean
that out every day...duh, do I feel stupid...don't we
all?  Of course, bacteria would hang out even in a
water bottle, but we just haven't thought of it as a
big deal, that's's only water after
much bacteria could be in it...didn't even think of
the chemicals leeching out of the plastic.

Now I know why my mother in CT has been buying water
in glass bottles from Mountain Valley in Arkansas all
this time.
Why are mothers always least mine is!   LOL


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