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[greenyes] Florida school to landfill old computers
Lake schools to dump classroom computers

By Dave Weber | Sentinel Staff Writer 
Posted July 30, 2003
TAVARES -- Classroom computers with a lot of life left in them are
headed for the crusher at the Lake County landfill instead of into the
homes of needy schoolchildren.

Dozens of the school computers already have been destroyed, and over the
next couple of years hundreds more are set to be thrown away.
For the full story, go to
The vice chair of central Florida's Sierra Club chapter is looking for
help to change the school district's policy. If anyone can help her with
local government contacts or recycling firms to help solve this problem,
feel free to contact her - Cecilia Height at 407-657-9582,
David Wood
Director, GrassRoots Recycling Network
Organizing Director, Computer TakeBack Campaign
2203 Regent St., Suite B
Madison  WI  53726
608-347-7043 (cell)

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