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[greenyes] Seeking a contact
Hi All:  I've been working with a man from Myanmar (Burma) who is in the US
on a Humphrey Fellowship and is working on issues related to solid waste and
recycling.  He is about to leave the University of Oregon to attend Rutgers
University in New Brunswick, NJ.  He is seeking an internship while there,
preferably involved with the processing of recyclables, though he also has
interest in collection issues and composting.  I'm seeking contacts for him
in the New Brunswick area.  If you've got contacts in that part of the
country, please let me know.  Thanks.-- AC

Alex Cuyler
Recycling and Solid Waste Specialist
City of Eugene Planning and Development Department
phone: (541) 682-6830 
fax:      (541) 682-6806

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