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Re: [greenyes] Portola Valley System
I visited a facility operated by this company in Massachussets - I think it 
was Northhampton.  It was not horrible, but not terribly impressive either.  It 
was essentially the Bedminster Bioconversion technology.  It did not do any 
masceration, so most harmful things, like batteries, could be screened out.  
What they produced was of a basic topsoil quality, but not a real soil 

In a message dated 7/28/03 3:48:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
eric@no.address writes:

> Richard and others interested in this topic,
> I've recently learned about a similar program (MSW co-composting with
> biosolids and trash) in Nantucket by a firm called Waste Options.  Does
> anyone know this project or this company?
> Eric

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