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Thanks for mentioning Hawthorne. We designed the system there to maximize competition, both during the City's procurement process, and thereafter for all businesses to have choices. As a result, the City of Hawthorne, CA now has 8 semi-exclusive haulers, where it only had one for the prior 47 years. Rates were decreased by half for most businesses in Hawthorne as a result, haulers are all using Clean Fuel trucks and no use of ADC is allowed, and all businesses are required to achieve 50% recycling and submit annual recycling plans to the City.

For others wanting to learn more about the new Hawthorne commercial system, go to: For more info on the procurement process, go to:

For cities interested in fostering more open competition, the Independent Recyclers Council of CRRA helped publish "Open the Flow." You can get copies of that from John Moore of the IRC at 510-893-6300, jmoore@no.address

Gary Liss

At 05:59 PM 07/24/2003 -0400, RJayW2@no.address wrote:
One example of a community that made real strides in opening the playing field to more than one company is Hawthorne, California. Gary Liss, a consultant who posts often on this listserv, can fill you in on particulars.

Should our state recycling laws be amended to make it easier for open
competition to flourish?

John Waddell
KJWB Publications Inc.
Refuse News

Gary Liss
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