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Re: [greenyes] WM vs THE SMALL RECYCLERS Re: [greenyes] Waste Management an...
In a message dated 7/24/2003 3:52:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time, JudiGregry 

> John is right, that although AB939 isn''t the cause of many small 
> haulers/recyclers going out of businesses, it definitely has resulted in many cities 
> using  the law as a reason to so-call simplfy and reduce liability by 
> franchising.judi
> Many small haulers decided to sell out in the face of AB 939.  Our 
> circulation in California dropped substantially during the 1990-1993 period and 
> questionnaires we sent to many that dropped our newspaper stated that they had 
> basically been franchised out of business.  This is not to say or imply that AB 
> 939 was a bad law. It isn't.  But one of the casualties of the law was small, 
> locally-owned Mom and Pop businesses.  As a matter of fact, the trade group 
> that represents small haulers in the Los Angeles area--the Greater Los Angeles 
> Solid Wastes Management Association--is closing up shop next month because 
> membership has dwindled to just a handful.  I think it's a shame.

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