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[greenyes] Commercial Recycling Ordinance

The city of Visalia ( California ) is implementing a fee for commercial recycling, a free service since 1995. The recycling fees are less than the garbage fees. Not surprisingly, I am encountering a fair amount of resistance as I contact the 500 accounts. However, I am finding that many establishments did not reduce their garbage service levels after I placed the recycling bin. So, in many instances I am able to demonstrate an overall cost savings.

However, at some locations the resistance is massive. The city council is open to the possibility of passing a commercial recycling ordinance. Do you know of any cities that have these, and could you refer me to a copy of the ordinance?

Thanks in advance for your time and shared knowledge.

Take care,


Rose Niemi
Recycling Coordinator
Sunset Waste Paper
1707 East Goshen Avenue
Visalia CA 93292

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