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Re: [greenyes] university e-waste contracts
Recycling Electronics and Pollution Prevention (Reap2) is a municipal consortium in Michigan that has developed a whole host of materials designed to assist organizations in nearly every aspect of coordinating an EWaste collection.  Lani Morgan is the Project Manager and can be reached at morganl@no.address 

Good luck!

Lori Miller
City of Lansing
Waste Reduction Services
601 E. South St.
Lansing, MI  48910
Fax: 517/377-0176

>>> Helen Spiegelman <hspie@no.address> 05/20/03 06:43PM >>>
I wonder if any subscribers to this list can reply with information about 
purchasing criteria that universities (or, I guess, other large public 
institutions?) use when they are seeking recycling services for e-waste.

Are there criteria that they use to screen potential suppliers?

Helen Spiegelman
Vancouver BC CANADA


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