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[greenyes] Solid Waste Plans
You were inquiring about MSW plans
Below you will find the link to the
Taskforce 2010 report of the City of Toronto.
(Toronto's population is 2.5 mm, the fourth largest City in N. American)
The plan outlines the steps required to achieve 100% diversion from landfill
before 2010, 9 years, at time of publication (June '01)
The summary of recommendations - 47 in 16 categories, is found at the end of the  
main report and is I my estimation the most important component of the report.
See Waste Diversion Taskforce 2010 report
    Download Full report
The basic tenets are there
We need to get;
    Recycling - Up - via more effective education, communication, advertising, promotion
                                Whatever you wish to call it.
            Organics - In - via three stream collection 
                    The Last Six - Out - via depots (as common as a Wal-mart) and selected return to retail progams
                            Furniture (including mattresses)
                            Textiles (including carpets)
                            Household items - pots, pans, dishes etc etc etc
                            C&D - a surprising amonut come out of the typical home via DIY'er
                            HHW - mostly paint, oil, batt's, meds and  F. lights
Other supporting documents of interest, which can be accessed from this link are;
Appendix B - Summary of public consultation input
Appendix E - Taking care of our own waste - Presentation by City Staff prior to each public consultation meeting
Appendix J - Summary notes from meetings with Industry Representatives
A day of deputations which we also attended
My organization was closely involved in the development of the 2010 report.
We continue to monitor it's (somewhat slow) progress.
I am more than happy to share it with you.
as I believe our residential municipal solid waste challenge
is a completely common one and therefore should benefit from the best common solutions
(Not that I'm saying 2010 has all the answers)
Please feel free to contact me for any additional information
Good luck with your up-coming conference
Rod Muir
Waste Diversion Toronto and
Waste Diversion Campaigner, Sierra Club of Canada 

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