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[greenyes] Stewardship Grant Funding through USFWS
NASDA e-News
A publication of the National Association of State Departments of
May 30, 2003, Issue XI, Number 21


~~Funds Announced for New Stewardship Grant Program~~The Interior
Department's U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced more than $9.4
million in grants to individuals and groups to undertake conservation
projects on private lands in 43 states for endangered, threatened, and
other at-risk species. The grants are the first awards under a new
Private Stewardship Grant program. The program provides federal grants
on a competitive basis to individuals and groups engaged in voluntary
conservation efforts on private lands that benefit federally listed
endangered or threatened species, candidate species or other at-risk
species. Under this program, private landowners and groups working with
private landowners are able to submit proposals directly to the Service
for funding to support these efforts. President Bush has requested
funding of $10 million for this program in 2004. Additional information
about the program is available on the Interior Department web site at

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