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[greenyes] Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Update
There have been many radio ads encouraging listeners to contact our 
Democratic U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson to encourage him to vote yes for drilling and 
exploration.  The ads are just short of saturation, coming about twice an 
hour on popular radio stations here in Omaha.  We that oppose the drilling 
are being labeled as "environmental extremists" in the ads, which are being 
paid for by the AFL-CIO but probably aired on behalf of someone else.  Are 
any other listserv members hearing the same type of radio commercials in 
their states?  Has anything popped up on television urging their Democratic 
Senators to vote yes?

It's encouraging to see that the Senate will likely vote this thing down.

John Waddell
KJWB Publications Inc./Refuse News
4140 S. 89th St., Ste. D.
Omaha, NE.  68127

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