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[greenyes] Zero Energy Solar Home Featured Tonight In Television Series
Hi folks,

I thought that zero waste advocates in GRRN's network might be interested in 
a television series that includes a piece tonight on a "zero-energy" solar 

Lance King
Community Solutions
Tel: (703) 536-7282


For Immediate Release
March 17, 2003
Green Power on St. Patrick's Day:
Environmental Resources Trust's Clean Power Director's Solar Home 
Featured Tonight on the Do-It-Yourself Network Channel

Solar Energy goes Primetime with its own TV series as a follow-up to Solar 
Decathlon on the National Mall.   Alden Hathaway, Director of Clean Power 
Programs at Environmental Resources Trust, and his family built a zero-energy 
solar home in Purcellville, VA.  Alden's solar house will be featured in 
tonight's show on the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) cable channel.   
If you have cable, tune in tonight March 17 at 10 PM to Home & Garden TV’s 
companion channel, the Do-It-Yourself Network. The series, called Solar 
Solutions,  highlights parts of the U.S. Dept. of Energy's Solar Decathlon 
and how the technology that college students displayed in the national mall 
contest last September can be applied in homes today.  Each program also 
features a local homeowner installing a solar project. 

In this Solar Solutions series, Jeff Gilbert of Chesapeake Wind & Solar of 
Columbia, Maryland and Mike Howell of Atlantic Solar Products in Baltimore, 
Maryland guide each do-it-yourselfer through a solar-based home improvement 
project.  They show each homeowner how to properly design and size a solar 
system, and how to safely work with solar power.(Check your local TV 

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