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Re: [greenyes] zealot- New R- price for plastics

On 26 Feb 2003 at 21:46, Greendog03@no.address wrote:

> I have really enjoyed the talking points on this issue.  To reiterate:
> Why cant more plastics be recycled?  

1) too mny variants, and not easy to tell apart
2) cannot (usually) be recycled more than a few times
3) the process is quite toxic
4) the plastic industry worldwide refuses to take responsibility

If  a container has the arrows on
> it, why exactly are the arrows there? 

to fool many consumers into thinking that the product contains recycled content, or 
"will be recycled" in some magical way - i.e. a feelgood exercise (although probably 
more to do with demands by environmentalists for better labelling)

Maybe another R's can come into
> focus: Refuse to Use 

*grin* like that...

I have a name for the zealot-OVERCYLER best,

say no more!


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