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Re: [greenyes] RE: Green Products

Do you know of a similar database for the Michigan or Ontario Canada area?

Mark Bartlett
Canadian Auto Workers
Environmental Specialist
DaimlerChrysler Windsor Assembly Plant
Ph-519-561-9405 (T/L 833-9405)

                      "Maine, Bruce"                                                                       
                      <bmaine@no.address        To:       "Amy Perlmutter" <amyperl@no.address>,      
                      m>                        "greenyes" <greenyes@no.address>, "JTRnet"                   
                      02/21/2003 08:33         cc:                                                         
                      AM                       Subject:  [greenyes] RE: Green Products                     

Hi, Amy.
The Architectural Resource Collaborative out of Washington D.C. sponsors
a Regional Sustainable Resource Directory with a database that includes
products available within a 500 mile radius.
I suggest trying them first and have your friend give me a call if there
are additional questions.

Bruce Maine
Research Director - Sustainable Design Services
LEED Accredited Professional

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