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RE: [greenyes] Disposal Surcharge
Check with Prince William County, Virginia.  

Tom Smith
Solid Waste Division Chief
Prince William County Public Works


They have an apparently successful County-wide availability fee that covers all costs including cost of operating the landfill.  They eliminated the tip fee at the gate and moved it into the up front fee, thereby removing the incentive for  waste to be taken out of county.  Orange County is considering modeling after that approach, but yet to be seen.

Philip Prete 
Environmental Planner
Town of Carrboro, NC

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From: Wayne Turner [mailto:WAYNET@no.address]
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Subject: [greenyes] Disposal Surcharge

GRRN Colleagues,

Apologies for cross postings.

I've been asked to ferret out any information on government agencies that have successfully levied a garbage disposal surcharge on MSW disposed from within the government's geographic boundaries.  This would include all MSW collected within the geographic confines of the government and disposed of anywhere, including public, private, out of jurisdiction, out of county/parrish,  or out of state landfills.  Any information would be helpful, especially if it contains justification for the surcharge,  the legal hoops that had to be jumped through to implement it (e.g. how authority was granted to levy such a surcharge at the local level), reactions to it from the private sector, how it is billed and how it is collected.

As always, thanks in advance for any assitance.

B. Wayne Turner
City of Winston-Salem
Utilities Division
phone: (336) 727 8418
email: waynet@no.address

"Experience is what allows us to recognize repeated mistakes."

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