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RE: [greenyes] recycled paper
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 14:50:52 -0600
To: greenyes <greenyes@no.address>
From: TomT <TomT@no.address>
Subject: recycled paper
Message-ID: <973D66D15142E94DA394228ECCF731072540F1@no.address>

"Beverage cartons, cereal boxes, and pizza boxes are not accepted"

I can understand pizza boxes because they get food on/in it.  But why the
first 2?


Tom - If the situation is the same in the US as here in NZ, the carton board
used in beverage cartons (& many cereal boxes and washing detergent boxes)
are made of what is commonly referred to as Carrier Board.

The reason they are not readily recyclable is that the board has to be able
to retain strength when wet. To achieve this they add water resistant
additives that slow the product breakdown. This in effect means that the
product will not break down in a normal mill digester and ends up as waste
(the product could be handled if it is separated and sent to a mill with
slow digesters but it then becomes a practicality issue)

Recycling Operators of New Zealand Inc(RONZ)

Email: karuna@no.address

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