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[GreenYes] Fwd: [GreenYes] Re: EPA's arrogance
As Peter pointed out, I would like like to clarify that the woman I spoke to from the EPA office is from the Illinois State EPA agency and not the US EPA.
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Oops.  I made a mistake.  When you said EPA, I thought you were referring to the United States Environmental Protection Agency - not the state agency.  I had forgotten that the state agency was also called (Illinois) Environmental Protection Agency.
The Illinois agency is like my own state agency.  It would be more appropriate for them to participate than for the United State EPA to participate.
I bet lots of other people made the same mistake I did.  Your email criticizes the state agency (or more specifically, the lack of interest in your project by one employee of that state agency).  However, most people, like me, will read it as criticism of the national EPA.  The state agency is not a branch of the national agency.  Instead, it is a branch of your state government. You should post a note on the listserv stating that your comments referred only to the Illinois State agency, not the US EPA.
On another note, did you try contacting anyone from your local government solid waste program?  In Oregon, most of the recycling educators are working either for the counties, for a couple of the larger cities, or for the local garbage companies that also provide recycling services.  These are the people who would be most likely to participate in an event like yours.
Peter Spendelow
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
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I asked them to participate or for some ideas for activities if they were unable to participate. I was told that they do educational presentations, but only Monday through Friday. I feel as though the EPA should take some responsibility in teaching children about the environment, especially to that large of  a number of children. Even though it is on a weekend, I feel that a governmental agency (especially the EPA) should be jumping at an opportunity of this magnitude. The woman that I spoke to (the educational coordinator) said she has done educational programs before for a much smaller number of kids, but is not willing to do this because it is a weekend. I feel that I as well as most other people would rather our tax dollars are used to pay the EPA to educate 5,000 kids as opposed to a classroom of 25. She was also not willing to give me any information on activities or even so much as donate some pencils made from recycled blue jeans and currency which they give out to kids in classrooms. I was very nice and extremely frustrated with her attitude by the time I got off the phone and felt very betrayed as this is our government that operates on our tax dollars.

What frustrated me the most was not that she wouldn't do an educational activity because it is a weekend, but that her whole demeaner was negative and she was not willing to do so much as offer ideas or activities. She said that the EPA does not concentrate their efforts on recycling and she could not help. I explained that the recycling was one component of the program and it is just the catalyst that has opened the door for this wonderful educational opportunity, which will provide education about all areas of environmental responsibilty. I thought that the EPA would be a wonderful source of information for the children on many issues that affect the environment and our future.

I understand that it is the Illinois EPA and not the US EPA, but feel as though that the EPA, both Illinois and US EPA, should be taking a proative approach to education and the environment rather than a reactive approach.
The venue attracts over 5,000 children throughout Saturday and Sunday of the Festival and is a wonderful opportunity to educate a large number of children about environmental responsibility. Normally, I would not have posted this to GreenYes or criticized them for not participating. If they are unable to due to not having enough help or otherwise, that is fine, I understand, as I said, I also asked for ideas for activities since they were unable to participate, but the woman that I spoke to had no interest in providing any type of educational material, whether it be directly or indirectly.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Meed

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