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[GreenYes] Big Event Recycling

We wrote a short report for the California Integrated Waste Management
Board on Special Event Recycling.  It's available on the CIWMB web site

The report provides information to help event organizers reduce waste.
It also details programs and policies to help city and county planners
encourage recycling at special events in their jurisdictions. Presented
are examples from all around the world, including Australia, Austria,
Maine, and California. Individual case studies profile recycling at the
Del Mar Fairgrounds and the Bay to Breakers footrace in California.

Brenda Platt
Institute for Local Self-Reliance

From: dschere@no.address
Subject: Big Event Recycling

I want to organize recycling for my town's art festival in light of the
experience developed in big event recycling.  I'd like someone to
summarize the "To Do" list for me to follow.

Don Scherer

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