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[GreenYes] UK Plans Waste Trading to Limit Landfilling
 While the EU has a requirement to reduce biodegradable 
 municipal waste to landfills by 65% from the base in 1995 by 
 2020, the UK plans to be more aggressive, going for a goal of 
 a 75% reduction by 2010. As part of this goal, the UK is 
 looking at instituting a trading plan, with some brief 
 details in the following article.
 The requirements for reducing biodegradable materials to 
 landfills are both to reduce the long term leachate 
 generation from landfills and well as current and future 
 methane gas emissions. European studies have shown that even 
 with methane recovery systems, a substantial amount of 
 methane escapes from landfills, with some studies concluding 
 that  the release of methane from landfills is their most serious 
 environmental impact. 
 John Reindl, Recycling Manager
 Dane County, WI 
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