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[GreenYes] staples tree free paper
I went to or called 3 staples stores here (Boston area) and they were 
all out of stock of the vanguard tree free paper-- they sold out, and 
are even backordered, which I think is great. Customers clearly (I 
hoped) showed there is a demand for this type of paper.  However, 
there was a sign on the shelf where the paper used to be that said if 
you ordered it on line in the store, you'd get it with free shipping. 
So I ordered 2 reams at the sale price, paid up front, and it should 
be arriving this week.  You may want to give that a try.


>Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 08:09:01 -0500
>From: "Pete Pasterz" <>
>Subject: RE: [GreenYes] Fwd: "Green" office paper at Staples
>I'd like to be as sanguine about the integrity of Staples' 
>announcement, but their widely-publicized promotion on 90% pc and 
>10% non tree fiber paper in honor of America Recycles Day tomorrow 
>may be just like their computer take back program last 
>spring....Looks like its up to each store/region.   Here in Lansing, 
>MI, the store did not have any stock of the promotional paper!!!
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