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[GreenYes] Green Copier RFP
Request for Proposal - Green Copier Project
City of Portland, Office of Sustainable Development

The City of Portland Office of Sustainable Development (OSD) Solid Waste and
Recycling Division has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Green
Copier Pilot Project.  The project is a partnership with Metro, DEQ and
other local governments and will consist of the design and implementation of
a targeted marketing and education campaign to increase the use of two-sided
photocopying, recycled-content paper, and recycling of toner cartridges. 

OSD is seeking proposals from firms or teams with demonstrated experience in
marketing, education, and/or behavior change, particularly with respect to
office environments.  OSD proposes to engage the contractor to develop,
implement, and evaluate the pilot project to reduce waste associated with
photocopying practices. The contractor will work with one or more local
office equipment service provider (sales/leasing/service company) during the
implementation and evaluation stage of the project.

The deadline for submitting the proposal is November 25, 2002 by 4:00 pm.
Please download the RFP at the City of Portland website.  You will need to
register as a vendor in order to get access to the RFP.  You can download it

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Robin Hawley at
503-823-7037 or 

> Robin Hawley
> Office of Sustainable Development, Solid Waste & Recycling
> 721 NW 9th Ave., Suite 350, Portland, OR 97209
> Phone: 503.823.7037
> Fax: 503.823.4562
> Email:
> _________________________________________________
> Visit our website at
> Visit the BRAG business awards website at
> Visit the WRAIN business to business website at
> Visit the NW Materials Exchange website at
> _________________________________________________
> [In the interest of waste reduction:  if you really need to print out this
> message or any attachments, please print on double-sided or used paper.
> Make it fit on fewer pages by editing out unwanted parts first. Thanks!]

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