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[GreenYes] Revenge on Spammers
Here's an excerpt from an article from today's Wall Street Journal that
lifts a window on those who blithely afflict the email waves with fields of
spam making our lives miserable, a fact about which, one purveyor flippently
admits, she doesn't give a damn. Our time, in her view, is completely
expendable to her very comfortable income from spamming us.

For Bulk E-Mailer, Pestering
Millions Offers Path to Profit


DUNEDIN, Fla. -- The sun was setting on Laura Betterly's six-bedroom house
as she reviewed a pair of outgoing e-mail messages one last time. Satisfied,
she moved her cursor to the "send" icon and clicked.

"It's that simple," Ms. Betterly said triumphantly, swiping her palms. She
had just dispatched e-mail messages to 500,000 strangers. Half saw the
subject line: "Don't miss your chance to win 2002 Lexus RX300." The other
half saw: "Win a trip to Nascar!"

Ms. Betterly's messages joined the roughly two billion other unsolicited
commercial e-mails that hit in-boxes around the world every day. The company
she runs from her home, Data Resource Consulting Inc., sends out as many as
60 million such messages a month. That puts the 41-year-old single mother in
the most hated breed on the Internet. She sends spam.

"I'm just trying to make a living like everyone else," says Ms. Betterly.
Her e-mail marketing operation, she says, allows her to raise her children,
Chris, 10, and Craig, 11, and to spend quality time with them. "You can call
me spam queen, I don't really care. As long as I'm not breaking any laws,
you don't have to love me or like what I do for a living."

    Well, now that the veil is lifted, I used Google to look up Ms.
Betterly's company's email address and phone number:

 Data Resource Consulting


    If every one of us circulated her personal data to every listserve that
we're on and even just 10% of those on all those lists sent a reply to Ms.
Betterly about how we do not share her view that our time is worthless,
perhaps she might get a broader education in consideration than she
presently possesses. Of course it would be quite wrong for anyone with the
computer technology to deliberately flood her sites with millions of ersatz
contacts. That would be wrong, that's for sure.


Peter Anderson
4513 Vernon Blvd. Suite 15
Madison, WI 53705
Ph:    (608) 231-1100
Fax:   (608) 233-0011
Cell    (608) 438-9062

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